“Annette has accommodated our hectic end of term timetable admirably. My son happily attends his sessions though it’s via body language rather than his limited feedback. If it weren’t for Annette’s succinct post session updates I would be unaware of what to practice and his progress.Despite only knowing Annette a few months she has generously helped me in my attempts to secure further support for my son. Thank you Annette for being so easy to talk to we look forward to seeing you in September 17.”

Melanie July 17

“Annette has been my son’s speech and language therapist for over 5 years. She has been such a positive influence on him, he used to drool but with a consistent and personalised programme he no longer does, he now produces clear sounds that help him to be understood, he has a lot more confidence and has always looked forward to his sessions with her. Annette’s style and approach is very individualised to match my child, she is very patient and produces fantastic results. I would thoroughly recommend Annette, she is fabulous!”

Martina Savill


My 4 year old son Tayte was having a few issues with his speech, so I contacted Annette who come out to us on a Saturday morning to access our son. Tayte loved her straight away. She worked wonders with his speech from day one. She then went to his school every week which was so helpful for me. Tayte looked forward to it every week.

Thank you for helping him Annette.


Annette was Thomas’s speech and language therapist for a period of more than 5 years, when he was a pupil at a Special Needs School and College.Thomas has complex communication difficulties, as he is profoundly deaf and has a speech and language disorder, which is an additional problem not related to his deafness. Annette had the expertise to identify the exact nature of his difficulties and worked with him on all aspects of his communication. Thomas has problems with articulation and his speech was not only difficult to understand, but he lacked confidence to communicate with other people. Annette has enabled him to make great progress with the clarity of his speech and he is now a confident communicator. The combination of Thomas’s hearing impairment and language disorder also means that written English has been very difficult for him to learn. It was when Thomas started to work with Annette, that he really made progress with his written work. Annette used sign supported English to support Thomas’s understanding and she was able to help him with his spelling, vocabulary and sentence construction. She has also worked with him in real life situations, enabling him to gain skills and confidence in communicating in the wider community. Thomas really enjoyed the time he spent working with Annette. She had a wonderful rapport with Thomas and was able to engage him in his therapy sessions, so that he made great progress. He has been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such an experienced and skilled therapist.

Tina Macnally


Hello my name is Thomas Macnally, I’m 20 in 2017 and I’m a former St Marys School and College student. This is in Bexhill-on-sea in East Sussex. I started worked with Mrs Annette Moore in year 9 all the way to year 14 at college in 2016. What a great experience the years with her were!! Annette Moore was the rocket science of speech and language therapy. She taught me problem solving with speech and listening skills. She helped me in class with English and helped me improve with writing sentences. I had a great experience with Annette she helped me a lot.



My son Harrison first went to Annette around the age of 3, his speech was very poor and we couldn’t understand him at all. His child minder was also very concerned. From the moment Harrison met Annette the connection between them was amazing. Annette made a very young boy who couldn’t really communicate at ease from the set off. The results from Annette’s hard and clever work with Harrison are amazing!!! He is now going into year 1 at school and is doing extremely well, I believe this wouldn’t be the case if it wasn’t for her. Harrison often asks to see Annette even now. I couldn’t thank her enough, I now have a little boy who everyone can understand. 

Lisa Topp


Annette Moore is truly wonderful! My 5 year old son has always had hearing problems and this has led to some speech issues. He has a great range of vocabulary, but his attention span is very short and his pronunciation has been very difficult to understand at times. Having done 6 weeks with Annette, in a one to one basis in his school, my son’s speech has come on amazingly. He is saying sounds which he has never been able to pronounce and is always happy to practice using the fun worksheets supplied by Annette. My son’s teacher has remarked on the very noticeable improvement in his speech and as a result his reading and writing is making progress. He is also able to join in more with the other children, as they can understand him a lot more easily now. Annette has helped my son in so many ways, I cannot thank her enough. My boy looked forward to her sessions every week, she has given him confidence and made his speech and language therapy lots of fun! 

Thank you Annette!